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Billboard Transactions

Have you or someone you know been approached by a Billboard Company such as Lamar, CBS, etc. wanting to erect a billboard on your property? Look no further, we are the attorneys that are experienced and equipped to handle these types of transactions.


The Billboard business is a highly specialized “niche” of business.  The average person along with most attorneys are not familiar with the billboard business and end up giving thousands, if not millions of dollars away without even knowing it.  Most other attorneys either negotiate a poor lease or loose the deal all together.  You must know the business to have a good deal. Billboard companies thrive on inexperienced minds because it means larger profit margins for them.  They will stop at nothing and will use every trick in the book to get landowners to sign a low paying lease.


At CCC Law Offices, we provide our clients with a team of consultants in the field.  We research to find the “true value” of your proposed billboard in your region, or if one is already on site, we research the current “market value”.  I can assure you that at CCC Law Offices, your interests will be well represented every step of the way.  So if you or someone you know has a proposed billboard coming your way, don’t fall victim to these large corporate companies.  Do yourself a favor, and contact us.  One phone call may mean the difference between thousands and thousands of dollars.

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