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Mediation is a method of dispute resolution involving a neutral third party who tries to assist the disputing parties reach a mutually amicable solution but whose decision is not binding.


At CCC Law Offices, we provide a forum where opposing parties can attempt to resolve their legal disputes in a setting that is nonadversarial.  The great advantage to Mediation is that it is cost effective, expeditious and non-adversarial.  Whereas, litigation is expensive, time consuming and very adversarial in nature.  


At CCC Law Offices, we explain the procedures of mediation, we identify the legal issues and attempt to resolve them.  If successful in reaching a resolution, the parties walk away knowing that their legal dispute is now resolved in an expeditious manner but most importantly, that they probably saved themselves thousands of dollars in what would have been the cost of a full blown litigation.  Alternatively, if unsuccessful, clients now have the peace of mind in knowing that every attempt was made to reach a resolution and that now they must move on to the next step.  If you have a pending legal dispute and would like to attempt mediation, give us a call.